Innovation for nature

Luna Toscana stands for love of nature and passion for innovation.

A journey with a simple yet extraordinary purpose in mind: the discovery of the authentic flavor of fruit through our extra jam . These are the result of traditional processing techniques, which are skillfully applied, combined with technological innovation.

Our ‘Extra Luna Toscana’ jams reflect the natural and simple taste of nature: we don’t add pectin, juice, colorings nor preservatives. For every 100 grams of product , we use about 100 grams of fruit. When preparing our products, we use simple and few ingredients, more importantly, we put in the same dedication and care that were put in back in the days.

Our products are born in nature and grow up with people:
this is what LUNA TOSCANA is all about.


Line 24 months

215 grams of pure flavor inside of a simple and elegant package. Once the jam is finished, the memory of ‘Luna Toscana’ can be kept and the jar used with endless creativity and imagination.


Line fresh day

Contained in practical boxes each weighing 100 grams. Day after day you will be able to buy our preserves in small quantities, ready to savor. They will surely fulfill your every need.


Line "The thought"

The line ‘IL Pensiero’ (The Thought) was specifically created to give the client a product of high quality in an elegant package. This will be an original and refined gift, perfect for every occasion.